Our Products
Exterior siding:
We manufacture a complete line of standardized products such as cove and ranch channel siding, exterior v-joint, Boston style, rabbeted bevel and more. In terms of colours, the customer has the choice of several thousand shades be it in solid, 100% acrylic latex or semi-transparent, linseed oil based stains.

Interior finishing:
V-joint 3 - 6 " in width, and other custom patterns, wood for sauna manufacturing, etc.

We offer a range of regular and colonial door and window casings, baseboard mouldings, quarter round, chair rail, O' Gee, etc. We will make mouldings to your own specifications.

Around the house and garden:
Porch flooring, gazebo, cedar mulch, etc.

You, our customer:
Yes, we invite you to buy directly from us. 95% of our production is sold to customers who are doing their large or small project. And we are selling to contractors hired by you. This is how you can take advantage of factory prices.

Example of exterior finishing

Our exterior siding products

Details of interior finishing